Software Projects

Current Projects

See my GitHub repos for several current projects:

  • Generating POTA and SOTA logs
  • DMR Contact Lists

Obsolete Projects

Unfortunately, I believe these projects are probably no longer viable.

  • dxSpot Java based GUI to which appears to be mostly off-line / defunct at this point.
  • QRZ Classes for VB and Access/VBA Seems like QRZ is no longer selling CDs. They have a web service interface now.
  • Radar Widget for Konfabulator. Konfabulator was bought and eventually decommissioned by Yahoo! It is my understanding that the software no longer functions properly on modern Operating Systems.

Subsections of Software Projects


This program is a java interface to the data at
dxSpot is Copyright 2000 Bryan Nehl -- k0emt.

Command Frame Preview
Here is a snapshot of the 6M & 2M DX and QSO dxSpot windows on my Linux Machine. 200K
Here is screen capture of all windows open with CommandFrame. 481K


  • Minimizes bandwidth use, only reads up to point it last read.
  • Starts the window with the "look back" log.
  • Each frame is set to refresh at 5 minutes.
  • Frame updates upon QSO or spot submission.
  • The user may also manually force an update.
  • Can display HF/6 & 2M QSO & DX frames without requiring a bunch of screen real-estate.
  • Users grid & callsign are automagically appended to submissions.
    IF they are set other than MyCall and MyGrid.
  • User configuration
  • QRZ feature -- CommandFrame version only


Method One - jar expansion

First get the dxSpot.jar.

Copy it into a directory on your computer called dxSpot.

Expand the jar file with: jar xf dxSpot.jar
Capitalization is important. The S is a capital.

run the program: java com.dbbear.dxspot.dxSpot
or for a more powerful command line style interface:
java com.dbbear.dxspot.CommandFrame

Make sure classpath directories, etc are set correctly.
You may need to invoke java or jre with the -cp (class path) option.
For instance, if you are in the directory where you unjarred the dxSpot classes:
prompt$> java -cp . com.dbbear.dxspot.dxSpot

Method Two - no jar expansion

Run the default dxSpot with the following: java -jar dxSpot.jar

Method Two - no jar expansion with config

Note that this approach switches to -cp and full class name to run

java -cp dxSpot.jar com.dbbear.dxspot.CommandFrame sample.config

Configuration File

You can specify a configuration file like this sample.config by passing the name of the file in on the command line.
for example: java com.dbbear.dxspot.CommandFrame sample.config


Make sure to use <ENTER> key when entering Callsign & Grid in dxSpot.
A "successfully changed" message will display when you change either your Callsign or grid.

Source Code

Source code is available on GitHub.
Requires Java 7

QRZ Interface Library

Abstract License Details User Software Responsibilities Status


This library gives the Visual Basic or Access 97/VBA programmer a class so that they may easily retrieve information from the QRZ CD.


The class and accompanying files are being distributed under the terms of the GNU LGPL with the stipulation that this author (K0EMT) is to receive a free copy of any commercial software that utilizes this library.


QRZInfo Class Properties:

  • DBPath AS String - name of the directory where callbkc.dat is located
  • CallSign As String - call sign in "normal" format
  • qrzCallSign As String - call sign in QRZ format
  • qrzDEFCAB As String - call sign in QRZ "defcab" format
  • hasEMail As Boolean - has an email address on the cd - originally JR field
  • hasGif As Boolean - has a gif on cd - originally MI field
  • LastName
  • FirstName
  • ProperName (First Name + Last Name)
  • Street
  • City
  • State
  • Zip


  • The library only supports look up by callsign.
  • The class only returns if the email address and/or picture are stored. (Not the actual email address or picture.) To get the email address you will have to use the QRZ DLL.

User Software Responsibilities

The developer must remember to set the .DBPath of the class to the location of the QRZ callbkc.dat directory.


As of May 2001, no further development on this interface is planned.

If you would like to add the following features:

  • Searching by other indices
  • Return the location of the associated picture
  • Return the email address
  • Additional error handling/checking

I would be happy to integrate them into the library and give you credit.

73 -- k0emt

Radar Widget

Abstract License Details User Software Responsibilities Status


K0EMT's Radar is a Konfabulator (now Yahoo! Widgets) widget for getting an updating Radar image.


It is currently my intent to distribute this widget and accompanying files under the terms of the GNU LGPL with the stipulation that this author (K0EMT) is to receive a free copy of any commercial software that utilizes this code.


This Radar widget is based on an original widget built by Daniel Radtke.

This version includes:
  • Configurable URL to retrieve image from
  • Configurable retrieve interval (minimum 60secs)
  • Konfabulator v2.x timer code
  • No frame around image
  • About Box

User Software Responsibilities

  • Go to the National Weather Service website and determine the URL for getting the "latest" image.
  • Optionally, the user may specify any image URL


In the future I may enhance the program to allow users to select from a predefined list of NWS radars. Feel free to encourage this or other enhancements with some PayPal dollars. :)

2005.07.27 Initial version released