My Workbench

This page will be continually evolving. I will be documenting the tools that I use at my workbench. I plan to link to posts that show how I'm using the tools.

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Hand tools



  • Solder, Multicore 5 core, 63/37, Sn63Pb37, 0.022" (0.56mm) This is a fine solder that can be a little pricey. I picked up a 500G spool and have been using it for many years. Today, I'd probably pick up this Kester 44 Solder
  • Solder wick - If you get a wick and it doesn't work well, try putting some solder on your iron tip to start things going. If that doesn't help, you may need to try a better rated wick Watch the shipping charges on this page!.
  • If you do get into SMD work, you'll want to pick up a flux pen or flux paste. You will likely want to wash your board if you use them.

Battery Chargers and Power Supplies

The battery charger I use is a version prior to the one listed above.

LiPO Batteries

Typically, operate QRP portable. That is why I have opted for the 3S1P batteries. They provide enough voltage and capacity for the miserly needs of many QRP radios.

NiMH Batteries