Duplex MMDVM experience report

I picked up one of these Duplex MMDVMs

Pretty complete package, but I did need a 110V & 5V USB wall wart.
I'm sure they don't include one to save money. Also, people may power in their car or off a battery pack, etc. It does ship with a microSD card with version 3 firmware. I need to flash it with version 4 yet.

I was able to get it configured for DMR and use it with an AnyTone AT-878 without too much frustration. Included instruction sheet was good.

Last night, I experimented with the YSF2DMR C4FM/Yaesu Fusion to DMR capability. Wasn't too bad setting that up. Key is to turn off the DMR mode. Turn on YSF and YSF2DMR. Used it with a Yaesu FT-70DR. My outstanding question is "how to disconnect the HT and turn off the "room" when I’m done?" Maybe some of this will be resolved when I upgrade the firmware to v4?

I also noted that I had trouble connecting to the hotspot on wifi. It would work right after boot, and then sometimes just quit responding. The repeating function would be working fine, but couldn't get to the web page. I found that rebooting the hotspot seemed to be the solution. Maybe the hat is functioning, but the pi0 has crashed?

My next step is to upgrade it to v4 firmware.

When I was testing the configurations I had nice chats with NK8O and N0EVH. First time Charles was in Arkansas having just wrapped up a POTA adventure, John in KC area and myself in the Indianapolis area!