Little Dixie Lake Conservation Area POTA K-5706 activation

I was lucky enough to be able to get out the morning of May 15th, 2020 and activate Little Dixie Lake Conservation Area in Missouri.  It was a time-limited activation.  I wrapped up just before noon.  I used an Elecraft K2/10 at 15 watts of transmit power into a home made trapped vertical quarter-wave antenna.  The traps were the 100 watt models from SOTAbeams.  The antenna was made for 20,30, and 40m operation.  One radial with about 12ft run of RG-58 coax.  The one radial ran directly away from the coax.  The base of the antenna was at ground level.  Power was provided by a Bioenno 12v 12Ah battery in a PortableZero case.

Below are some QSO maps showing the contacts that were made with the vertical antenna.  Red are phone contacts, green were Morse Code contacts.
20m contacts
20m contacts
40m contacts

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