5 Watter Organic VCXO Transceiver — Background

In order to deepen our understanding of amateur radio electronics the tech builder group I am a member of decided to build the 5 Watter QRP rig.  However, this kit would be different.  Instead of having build nights and quickly completing the build, we would take our time.  We're following K7QO's guide and building it in phases.  We're checking our understanding of the circuitry at each build phase.  We have a core group that is working slightly ahead to be able to mentor others in the construction process.

The chosen transceiver: https://kitsandparts.com/5watters.php

K7QO's 5W 20m Assembly Guide: https://kitsandparts.com/5watters/5w.pdf

I will be building my kit for 20m to match the assembly guide.

NOTE: During the construction of Phase 3 I discovered, that you will need an additional "optional" linear 10K potentiometer for controlling the Morse Code keyer speed.