QRPLabs QCX 30M build

Hey all, quick report of QCX build 5W CW transceiver kit
Toughest part of the build was the toroid with 4 windings on it.  I'm glad I built this for 30M.
If I build another it will be for 20M.  The beauty of the monobander is that you can make a band specific EFHW antenna and not need a tuner.
The final alignment was a bit time consuming as well.
I was glad to have a set of plastic TV tuner drivers for adjusting the variable capacitor.
Josh, w0odj printed the case for me.  I used #6-1" fine thread machine screws to put the case together.
I did pre-drill some of the screw mounts.
Measuring with a Diamond SX-600 meter:
With 10.5V battery I am seeing 1.5W output.
With 12.5V battery I am seeing 2.5W output.
The Elecraft T1 reports it as putting out 5W.  But that's an LED style scale.
Output seems low to me.  I need to try it with 13.8V.  
I have heard of others making adjustments in the rig to peak for power.
I'm not terribly worried about it.  Given some the snr #s I was seeing from Reverse Beacon Net.
Here's a video calling CQ: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yHprNtXoOU8  My rig is an early 1st version #453.  There is discernible CW thump during keying.  The fix is to replace two electrolytic capacitors with ceramic (I believe).  I believe current kits have integrated this change.
Reverse Beacon Network heard my CQ.  Unfortunately, I didn't get any takers.  I did tune around and heard SM3EVR.  They were extremely weak copy. I did try and call them but no go.  I switched to the IC-7300 and was able to make the contact.  They were just as faint on the IC-7300.  So, I know my receive is good.  
On top of that when I tuned past the FT8 I was getting blown away.  I'll be on the air again trying to make my first QCX contact.