2018 NJQRP Skeeter Hunt

amateur radio in the field
2018 NJ Skeeter Hunt

Rick KC0PET, Ted KC0RDM and I, K0EMT set up at Little Dixie Lake CA in Calloway County. Initially we checked in at the main boat ramp area. It had a nice pavilion. But, we felt we might be able to do better. So, we went to the disabled accessible trail area. There we found several picnic tables, grills, shade trees and plenty of open field. That’s where we set up.

Rick was running a K1 with 100’ wire antenna, mostly horizontal. I was running a FT-817 to a 35’ wire sloper, mostly vertical, w/17’ elevated counterpoise. Ted had an FT-817 as well as a Bitx40 run to a 100’ horizontal wire that was perpendicular to Rick’s. All of us were using auto-tuners. Local QRM didn’t seem to be too bad.

I believe Rick managed 10 Qs. Ted had 2 phone contacts late in the day after we discovered and resolved an issue with his mic ☹. I had 8 contacts. 5 of my Qs were with local MO contacts. I also worked AZ, UT and PA on 20M CW.

It was a casual affair for us. We got started a bit after the noon kick off and we took a break to eat.

Overall, we tried some new stuff and we had a good time.

72 de Bryan, k0emt