A day without the smartwatch — tech experiment

A day without the smartwatch — tech experiment

I have a couple of watches that I wore regularly before getting my current smartwatch. The battery in one of them has gone dead and the other uses solar power. So, I keep it out where it can get some light.  Feeling a bit nostalgic, I decided to wear it yesterday.  That meant giving up my "fitness" tracking for the day.... and all of the reminders that go with it.

I found that I was able to do more deep thinking / concentrating work.  The vibrating watch alerts weren't there.  Besides, the fitness tracking, I did miss the awareness of having received a text message.  Overall, I felt like it was a good change up.

Today, when I went back to the smartwatch, I went into my app settings and dialed back notifications on the apps that I felt were the most egregious interruptors.  Overall, this made for a better day today.

What tech experiments can you do in your life?

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