Programmer Productivity Tools

Programmer Productivity Tools

I’ve been reading Neal Ford’s The Productive Programmer.  It’s a good read so far.  I’ve picked up a few tools that have already been helping.  Pick up the book for the details on the reasoning behind having/using these utilities.

Virtual Desktop Manager VirtuaWin this lets you have multiple virtual desktops.  I’m using one for communication apps, one for development, one for research and one for miscellaneous stuff.

Clipboard Manager Tool Ditto.  So far, I’m not very fond of the UI but I like the way it works.  Let’s you work with a clip board stack across all of your apps.  I used it to clip all of the URLs for this article and then paste them in appropriately.

Clipboard Manager that is a Windows Gadget.  Lots of background choices.  It’s a Windows Gadget so it’s always visible.  However, I’m not liking the way it works.  I’ll probably drop it.  Just thought I’d give it a whirl and thought gadget lovers might go for it.

Cygwin for bash, *nix-ish utilities, vim, Emacs, wget, curl, etc.  Keep around the downloaded executable.  It’s really a loader and not an installer per se.  You’ll also have a download folder that accompanies the loader.  So, you may want to pre-plan where you’re going to keep that before you run the loader.