Prelude: CTS, ITS & Parallel Computing

Prelude: CTS, ITS & Parallel Computing

This summer I will start a journey into Computational Transportation Science (CTS), Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) blended with parallel, distributed and agent computing.

I will specifically be exploring OpenGL and OpenCL.  One of my major objectives is to explore the use of the Graphics Processing Unit (GPU) in “general purpose” computing (GPGPU).  Specifically, I will be utilizing the NVidia GT330M GPU.

Along the way I’ll also likely explore other environments such as JOMP, JPPF and MapReduce.  I’m also planning to use Neo4j for persistence.

It is my intent to model some non-signal controlled intersections this summer.  Long term I will explore coordinated signal controlled intersections.

As part of this exploration I will also seek input and insight from those in the industry and in academia so that I can avoid reinventing the wheel and stand on their shoulders.

Forthcoming posts will include specifics about hardware selection, and software installation.