Life lessons from fishing

Life lessons from fishing

Say you start the outing with the goal of bringing in a big bass.
This could be like the life goal of landing your dream job with better salary.

Changing the lure
You get to fishing the lake and you're not having any luck bringing in the fish of your dreams. This is like trying to get that dream job. So, you have a couple of options; change your location, change your goal and self improvement.

Changing your location
This is pretty self explanatory. If you're fishing the bank, keep moving around. If you can get out on the water. If that's not working change lakes! Life story, work the job, angle for promotions. Move to another department or division for promotion or change jobs to get that raise.

Changing the goal
Maybe you are satisfied to not get the big bass. You've resigned yourself that they just aren't biting right now. Change your goal to fishing for panfish. Land one and be happy. This is like a soft job market. It's going to be tough to increase the income level for now so change the goal to be do the one thing I need to do that will best increase my marketability when the market firms up.

Read and study up on knots, lures, equipment and techniques. Practice before you get to the water. Life story, while you're away from work learn new skills that improve your marketability and potential wage earning capability. Maybe these new skills will give you the edge in landing that big bass (job).

Talk to other fisherman. Learn from them. They know the lay of the land. They have a feel for what lures work, the times of day and the hazards. In life your network can help you improve your work skills, tell you how to get through the red tape and warn you about the politics of the situation. And they can help you land that big bass.

When it's all done, you can rest satisified. You did the best you could. You landed three bass and two crappie. None of them the dream bass you're after but you've learned, built relationships and had fun.