Busy day with webapp

Busy day with webapp

Well, spent a bunch of time working on an ASP.Net application today.
I haven't done much at all with ASP.Net so there was a bit of head pounding.
However, by days end I had forms authentication set up. A table with the UserID, Password, etc info was built on SQL Server. Using stored procedures to get what I need. Getting the spike solution integrated into the real application proved to be a little interesting. I was running into issues because I hadn't remembered to abandon my session authentication between test runs.

I got the application set up to be cookieless and save all state information with a state server hosted on separate machine. Had to edit the registry to permit non-local users to connect to the service. Then I was able to set some session variables for the application.

Then I did some refactoring and created a common logout function for the application. I also set up the application to get configuration (connection) information from the web.config.

So finally feeling like I had accomplished something, it was time to go home. It was a beautiful ride home on the Harley. It was extremely hard to keep from flexing the wrist. The icing on the evening was catching a couple of crappie right off the bank (they were nesting). Then I reeled in a nice small mouth bass with my ultra-lite combo.

Now to get some rest before getting back at it tomorrow.