The Omelet model of Management

The Omelet model of Management

Ok, so I believe in looking at the world around you and seeing if there is a metaphor their that goes along with some concept I've learned. The other morning I was cooking an omelet and saw how the steps I was taking fell in line with the primary functions of management. POSLC: Planning, Organizing, Staffing, Leading and Controlling.

Decide what type of Omelet - what you want in it.

Gather ingredients Staff
Prepare cook area and ingredients Organize
Saute the ingredients w/seasoning Training

Cook the omelet

  • medium to medium-high heatt (so it doesn't scorch)
  • watch the omelet rise
  • flip it over when ready

Management functions

  • Controlling
  • Stretching (working to minimize risk of failure)
  • Controlling and Leading
Eat the omelet and smile Appraise and give feedback