Net types and their uses

by Bryan, KØEMT

A. Open nets
   Informal discussion, round tables, nothing of urgency.

B. Emergency nets
   when traffic needs to be handled for the served agency or general public
   may be used to get situation status from shelter to EOC

C. Tactical nets
   Used for real time coordination of activities
   for instance crew working to establish a comms at a site where they
   have to erect an antenna, run feedline and set up the transceiver may use
   a tactical net for this purpose

D. Resource nets
   Would be used when hams from outside the area are mobilized.
   They would check in here and receive instructions on where to stage
   or report for assignment and where to QSY.

E. NTS nets
   For passing formal written messages from one station to another.
   This may be used for passing health and welfare requests


An information net/Open net may proceed an Emergency net.  
SkyWarn regularly does this.  When WX is outside of the area the
net is in 'open net' mode.  When the WX reaches the served area
the net transitions to an Emergency/Directed net.

An OBS (official bulletin Station) relays official bulletins from the
served agency.

A Liaison station is responsible for passing traffic between different nets.
For instance traffic between the local ARES net and NTS or SATERN.