Moniteau County ARES: Organization

Served Agencies

Our primary served agency is Moniteau County Emergency Management Agency.

We also provide ground truth information to the National Weather Service. Either directly or via the Mid-Missouri SkyWarn Association.


At this time Moniteau County ARES does not have a treasurer or secretary. These positions will be created if it is determined that they are needed in the future.


Any Licensed Amateur Radio Operators may submit an application for membership with Moniteau County ARES.

Membership approval is based on review of the application and applicant by the ARES DEC, EC, AEC, current membership and served agency representative.

Member participation will be primary factor in determination of active status.


Moniteau County ARES conducts an on air traffic and training net.

Service/event nets are conducted as necessary.

Moniteau County ARES will maintain a station at the County EOC.

A UHF repeater to serve the county will also be maintained.


To best serve the public, any equipment that will be in dedicated/long term service will be owned by Moniteau County ARES and not individuals. This means that the repeater, dedicated station accessories, etc will be owned by Moniteau County ARES. Exempted from this requirement is equipment that is brought in for use expressly for a given emergency event or training exercise. The idea behind this is to not compromise the ability of the organization to serve the public in the event of a member's departure from the area or organization.

Meetings and Mail

Meeting date, time and location will be announced on the regular nets.

ARES maintains a mailbox at the Moniteau County Emergency Dispatch Center (911).