Moniteau County ARES: Operational Plan


In the event of a served agency requested activation we will follow the activation protocol.

If a station suspects that a situation may be developing that could require ARES activation, come up in standby mode on our pre-designated frequencies.


If it is determined that there is no current NCS, assume that roll. When a more experienced and available station checks in, you may defer NCS responsibility to them.

Ideally, NCS should be able to communicate with served agencies either via land-line, linked system, HF or packet.

Net Operation

If an actual event occurs, transition from informal net to directed net operation.

Staging Areas

If operators are needed from outside the area, these will be potential staging areas. California: Locations on Hwy 50, West of 87

California: Locations on Hwy 50, East of 87 McGirk Clarksburg We need to identify potential staging areas for:

Lots more to come!