Moniteau County ARES participates in Lupus drill

Saturday, May 1, 2004, Moniteau County ARES participated in a Command Post drill with the primary served agency Moniteau County Emergency Management. ARES personnel that participated are also EMA RACES staff.

The Command Post drill took place in Lupus. The intent of the drill was to go through the steps of setting up a command post in Lupus and testing communications capabilities. The potential for needing to respond to the area will be increased with the upcoming Lewis and Clark event.

During the drill, voice circuits via simplex and repeater, mobile and portable were evaluated. In addition APRS and Packet capabilities were reviewed. The drill was successful in providing information that will be needed if an actual incident occurs.

Equipment used included; telescoping masts, coax, APRS tracker, dual-band radio, public safety radios (handheld and mobile), mobile crossband repeater, power supply and laptop computer.

In addition to Moniteau ARES/RACES and EMA there were participants representing the LEPC, Jamestown Fire, Latham Fire, Osage Beach Search And Rescue, Lupus, Moniteau County Sheriff's Office and the County Commission.

Moniteau County ARES operators contributed 30 man hours.


All photos Copyright by Bryan Nehl - KØEMT
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