KØMCA UHF Repeater Information - QRT

This repeater is no longer on the air.

Frequency, Tone & Location
The K0MCA UHF repeater is QRV 444.625+ PL 127.3
A 127.3 tone is also transmitted on the output.
The repeater is located in California, MO.

Trustee & Control Operators
K0EMT is the repeater trustee and should be contacted
in the event of any problems with the repeater.

KB0HNR and AA0ZC are designated back up control operators.

The intended primary use of the repeater is to facilitate ARES
operations in Moniteau County.

To this end the repeater utilizes a 90 second Time Out Timer.  This
helps operators consciously think about what they are going to say,
before they key up.  Em Comm operations are usally fast paced with
brief exchanges.

The repeater also has a very quick hang time.  This facilitates
cross band operation by portable stations.

The intended secondary use of the repeater is to serve the ham
population at large as an open repeater.

Equipment & Acknowledgements
K0EMT built an NHRC controller for the repeater.  
The repeater radios are GE Phoenix SX's.
Duplexor is a Celwave 'flat pack'.
Antenna is an exposed folded dipole.
Coax is hard line.

Much thanks to KB0HNR for doing the interfacing of 
the radios with the controller.