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Test of 927 for link 10M simplex tests and controller

*** UPDATE: 23 Feb 2003 K0EMT writes:

The recrystalled channel elements for the Mitrek radios have been rcvd.
(It took over 4 weeks from shipping, recrystalling and return.)

Don, KM0R, is working to align the radios.
The simplex repeater is expected to be QRV in March.

Thank you for the continued interest and support,

Bryan - k0emt
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The primary purpose of this repeater would be to
facilitate regional communications between ARES groups.
The secondary purpose of the repeater would be to
serve the ham population at large as an open repeater.
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The Initial Email

21 Oct 2002 K0EMT writes:

Howdy all!

I've started a project rolling to get a 10M FM repeater on the air.
So far it looks like I have verbal agreements on both sites as well as
have acquired a rig for the TX site.  110W GE Ranger which will
be turned down to around 80W.  I'm planning to build all the antennas
and supply the coax.  I'll also build the two NHRC-2 controllers.

The split-site would crossover the Moniteau-Cole county line.
I believe the repeater coverage would include Boonville, Columbia,
Tipton, California, Versailles, Eldon and Jefferson City.  
Additional testing will be done to confirm this.

I am excited about this project for a number of reasons.
It will be inexpensive for users to get on 10M FM.
It will cover a good geographic area.
There are no other 10M repeaters in the area.

The repeater would be owned/operated and maintained by Moniteau County ARES
so that it will stay on the air regardless if any individual were
to move out of the area, etc.

Would you be interested in supporting the project by committing to
provide any of the following (or contributing towards)?

NHRC-2 controller kit and chips (~$60) need 2
35amp power supply for TX site
12amp power supply for RX site
Commercial 10M rig for RX site
900 Link radio (~$125) need 2
30' support mast (~$50) need 2
PolyPhaser and ground rod (~$50) need 2

Please spread the word to those in the area that you think would
be interested in a 10M repeater.


Bryan -- k0emt

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*** 21 Oct 2002 UPDATE
With a generous contribution from KC0IZZ Morgan County EC we will be able to purchase an NHRC-2 controller. A few more pieces have to come together and I anticipate that within two months we will have a simplex "proof of concept" repeater on the air. The idea will be to test the coverage of the TX site. If it is acceptable we can continue along. Otherwise, we'll either try to increase HAAT of the TX antenna or seek out a better site. Back to the top
*** 22 Oct 2002 UPDATE
Don, KM0R, ARES District F DEC has pledged to help with obtaining the RX rig. Back to the top
*** 25 Oct 2002 UPDATE
With KB0HNR tested to see if 927Mhz would be adequate as a link frequency. KB0HNR and K0EMT were both at their respective QTH's. An air distance of roughly 6 miles. Kurt was using a gain vertical on his mobile and Bryan had a 10el yagi. A near full quieting circuit was established. For the actual repeater link a 10el yagi on each end would probably be more than adequate. Back to the top
*** 06 Nov 2002 UPDATE
KB0HNR and K0EMT have been testing FM simplex coverage in the area mobile to mobile. HNR is running a base loaded whip and EMT is running a full-size quarter wave. Both stations are running 100watts out. Circuits have been established between Hwy 50 and T and McGirk. Also was able to make contact between Jefferson City and Columbia. Last night the NHRC-2 controller kit was ordered from NHRC. Tonight the parts will be ordered from DigiKey. Funding was providing by KC0IZZ. Back to the top
*** 14 Nov 2002 UPDATE
Joe, KB0QHZ, has made a generous donation of $50 towards the repeater project. This money will most likely be used for purchasing the 30ft push-up mast that will be used at the TX site. Back to the top